Monday, 8 December 2014

last week (week 7)

week 7 (last week)
  1. This week our teacher told us that were going the for twice as long . i didn't really won't go there that long i think an hour's  enough 
  2. like always we walked to the library from our school to go to minecraft
  3. once there we got on the computers and did a padlet ((below))
  4. then we went on minecraft because me and levi finished i made a secret entrance to my epic house thats covered with trees and i only had 2 other people that could come into my house callum and gary g . because my house was apparently hidden levi wanted to get in our epic awesome house
  5. so he teleported carter to me so he could teleport carter so he had an excuse to come to my house that he was showing carter how to do our awesome fire work display eccept he just wanted to teleport carter to me so he would have an excuse to teleport to my epicly awesome house .levi got told of for that then levi went to his house and then levi set a booby trap that blew his house up and because he got told off from me he blamed me for making a booby trap because i was the closes to his house 
  6. then we finally went on survival mode
  7. in my house we had a snow ball fighting arena so i played a snow ball fight with gary and callum it was so much fun   
  8. then we finished our minecraft project for the year 
  9. then we had to do padlet because padlet wasn't working we just did a reflection and would we recommend it ((below))   

reflection :i would recommend this to a class because they get to interact  and collaborate together . also make an awesome creation

  1. first of all because I've the spawn center i wanted to help my best friend anton with his epic hotel once i got to the hotel he needed help with his underground aquarium first he told me to extend the glass height then i realised that his aquarium was so bright and i new an aquarium walk threw   would'nt be bright as that so i destroyed all the glow stone and mad light gloomer they wer'nt bright but they made light then we went on survival
  2. because i helped with the hotel  i got a vip hotel pass and lived there for the rest of the day then because people made a massive christmas tree with fire works we watched that for the end of our epic minecraft class project 

Monday, 1 December 2014

jamies minecraft
week six

  1. like all ways first of all we walked to the library
  2. when we got there our tutors talked to us about think and the wow factor
  3. then we we did our padlet ((below))
  4. then levi  and me talked aabout how the spawn had iron walls .we wanted to change them to wood then levi wanted to make it rainbows which was so child-ish . so me and levi had a big rant about it i was very annoyed because we allready made it wood and now he wants to change it
  5. because we had i fight i ran away and did redstone to calm my self down because we were finished we made a fire work display and we were all friends again in the end 
  6. then we had to make our end padlet ((below))
  7. then i realised that levi still hasn't finished the wall map i was pretty disappointed because of that

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

week 5

week  5

  1. first of all like usual we walked to the learning centre/south library
  2. then once we got there we went on the computer computers and did a padlet ((below)).i also found out im the council for minecraft since people said the span centre group shoud be council
  3. after that we hopped on to minecraft and finish the touch ups on the spawn  centre 
  4. then because i finished i got told to make some road (easy)so i finished it then i got free time 
  5. after that i went into the nether with thomas as we explored the nether fortress .then i found zain in the nether using invisible potion because im the council i told our teacher and had a talk about it to zain (he got sent to the jail) . in the nether we needed to find  a mob spawner in the end we found a fortress but not the mob spawner 
  6. because of that we had a discussion about who destroyed them then anna told us that titus (new kid/foreigner with not so good english) was going into the nether lots and that she seen him destroying it  
  7. because of all of that i had to find a new fortress with thomas so in the end thomas found one so i got teleported to thomas so we could get it 
  8. so we found it but heres the catch we couldn't get it so after all that time we found what we want but couldn't get it it was very annoying because i spent half of my time trying to find some thing but not being able to get it very annoying  

Monday, 17 November 2014

week 4

  1. first of all we  walked to the library like usual
  2. then when we got there we got told to think of a key competency from self manage i just chose to self manage myself
  3. after that we got on our computers and made a padlet ((below)) about what we need to do                                                  
  4. after that we hopped on minecraft as we finish ((above))
  5. then we got stopped by our tutors because 2 people  learned something they  wanted to share what they learned. i already new what they showed and it was a bit boring       
  6. then i put a problem up on the problem board i said that there is an issue with people doing beacon because we need the spawn center to stand out                             
  7. then we got back to work as i needed to finish the disco/night light
  8. then i asked for help .for quickly finishing the roof
  9. (im ((jamie4868))/((thomas)) )

  10. then we did out padlet ((below))for after comments                     

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Week 1/2/3

my minecraft blog

week 1
  1. before we headed to the library for our session we did a want and need chart                                                                               
  2.   we found our wants and needs to make in the first week
  3.  our teacher got us to find out or experience level of how good we are so he has an idea of of when people need help
  4.  our class (rm19)walked to the south learning center (library) 
  5.  we got into our minecraft building groups also found out that i'm doing the spawn center for a warm welcome for our community and planning what to do today
  6.  we had a talk in our groups of what we should do /location
  7. then we had a quick play around with minecraft also teaching people how to play
  8. we had a talk about our treaty/other stuff  with our tutors for the course/session
  9. starting to clear out the area for were the spawn center is
  10. making slide door to the wall map/make wall map
  11. walked back to school and found out were all the other people   where           

 week 2 
  1.  our class (rm19) walked to the south learning center (library)   
  2. our class  made a padlet  about before and during the session (down below)
  3. in our groups we drawed down our top 3 priorities to do this week
  4. then our class talked about our plan to clear out the tree's sam had an idea of putting tnt down three blocks down and levi had an idea for a flame thrower 
  5.  then we got to work as we started doing our list 
  6. in the end we only finished some of our list but i think we would have finished if we didn't have all the distractions 


week 3
  1. a couple of days before we did minecraft. we made our class  treaty based on our school key competencies (relate to others, think and self manage )
  2. (a couple of days later ) we walked down to the library  and made another padlet for our goals(before) ((down below))after that we had to choose a goal  from our key competencies (from earlier i chose communicate 
  3. then we on to  minecraft as me and levi (workbuddie) tried making our wall map and interior/exterior                              

  4. then we got stopped bye our tutors to talk about people asking for help in chat(me communicating in chat) and cause some one asked for help with an elevator  that  levi  new how to make he had to go and help them he went to go out and help them make an elevator  i was a bit annoyed with that   because he needed to finish the wall map                           
  5. as levi did that we thought of an idea for making portals under spawn for brewing potions and combat practice                                 
  6. then we made an upstairs for our  class to sleep in  (filled with bunk beds) after all of that we  we finished down stairs interior/exterior and upstairs bunks and not the secret roof disco/night light  for  (upstairs)                                                                                                                                         next time we want to finish (bellow)              
  7. (And a garden patch for brewing ingredients) 
  8. my favourite part at the end was having fun with the whole class in  minecraft